Afternoon Cruise

I can’t remember the last time I rode my bike, but it feels like forever since the last time I did. The weather has been really crappy the last few months, it’s been snowing, raining, and just to cold. Finally the weather has gotten better! Without the obstacle of the harsh weather I have been able to ride. I will admit when I first rode I was really excited, but I felt a bit rusty. I have not rode in a while so I just cruised around getting back in the rhythm of things. After that much desired ride I knew I would be back in business soon.

I went riding with my friend Gavin  for the first time in forever! He got a penny board for christmas and we rode around town with the new board. A penny board is mainly for cruising, the board itself is small and the wheels are big for more speed. Unlike a regular skateboard a penny board is really easy to turn, the downside to this is you can’t do any tricks on it. Well you can but you’re very limited.


Penny boards

It was a good day, I got my rhythm back and was able to do little tricks here and there. We mainly rode around Mariemont and Fairfax. We took turns riding his penny board, it took me a while to get use to it. It felt so different from a regular skateboard it was so strange but at the same time it was awesome because I had so much control. We ended the day with our goodbyes  and fist bump.


One Trick Pony

I can do many tricks on my bike but i’m known for my manual. A manual is similar to a wheelie but harder and better looking. To do a manual you have you know how to balance yourself, what I meant by that is you can’t lean to far back or forward. If you to lean to far back you will land on your butt and the bike will be in front of you; lean to far forward and you will just be back riding your bike. I have learned from experience.

I remember when I first tried a manual, I did it on mistake. I was trying to do a wheelie and I just stopped pedaling and found my balance point. From there on I started to practice the manual and now can say i’m pretty darn good at riding one



Like I said before I can do other tricks but my favorite is the manual. It’s such a relaxed trick that can be applied almost anywhere like cruising, before or after a hop or trick, or coming up to a jump. The manual is my favorite and best trick.

The Bunny Hop

Before you can move up to big tricks and more complex ones you have to get the basics down first. As a BMX rider the first thing you usually learn is the bunny hop. The bunny hop is the root of everything, this is the first real challenge when trying to learn tricks and how to freestyle. If you get your bunny hop down everything else should come easily.                                                                                                                                                                                                How to bunny hop, pull the handle bars up then scoop the pedals up with your feet. Once you do this your handle bars should be higher than the back of the bike, as you’re in the air scooping with your feet will gradually level the bike out, making a clean landing. I remember when first trying to learn how to bunny hop, it was frustrating. It took me 3 or 4 days to get the form down. Once you get the form down you always have to improve to get more height from your hops. I’m still improving my hop and i’ve been riding for a while now. I don’t think one can fully master the hop because there is always room for improvement. After learning the hop you can add things to it like a bar spin. It’s exactly what it sounds like, it’s complicated though. As you hop you rotate your handlebars 360 degrees and land back in the same position. I have failed and succeeded a few times but mainly failed. I hopefully will be able to accomplish a majority of them in the future.


Best Store Ever!

Last week I went to Washington DC with my dad. My dad had a business trip and invited me along. After his meeting we went to the mall where I found the best store i’ve ever went to, a vans store! Vans are a popular type of shoe, they are skating shoes and are my favorite. This is the first vans store I have been to but I have been to many other skate shops. This store was the best by far. What made this one so special? It had a large variety ranging from shoes, skateboards, clothing, and small accessories. While I was there I purchased a helmet, a pair of shoes, and some shirts. The shoes are a signature design by a professional skater, making them much more expensive than the other shoes. But it was totally worth it!

image-3image image[1]

Some Random Skatepark Experiences

I’ve been to a few skateparks and ran into a few people to know that there is some sort of problem between bikers and skaters. One day I went to the skatepark with my friend. My friend skates and I bike, though we can ride both. I encountered a few problem when we arrived at the park. I was biking and a few skaters came up to me and asked why do I bike? I turned the question around and asked them why they skated? They replied with something like “it’s fun, a lot better than biking” I simply told them “That’s how I feel about skating.” I could see they were annoyed with me, they went back to their corner and left me alone. For the rest of the day they gave off sneer smiles and looks towards me. It’s funny to think about, I don’t see why people make such a big deal out of the whole biker vs skate

One weekend my friend and I went to a skatepark. This was the first time going to this particular skatepark. We’ve heard many things about this park, expectations were high. We went early to avoid any traffic at the park, it can get really packed on weekends. Upon arrival we saw the enormous concrete playground. Once we started biking for about an hour people started to come. As time went by more and more people showed up. I remember telling my friend that we should leave soon, there’s an accident waiting to happen. We were about to leave but biked just a little longer, when it happened. I was  planing on dropping in this steep slop and riding the bowl that was close by. Right after I dropped in some kid who wasn’t paying attention skated right in front of me, I tried slamming my brakes and doing so I flew off my handle bars and almost face planted into the concrete ground. Luckily I rolled on my elbows and knees instead of my face. The kid apologized many times but I was mad and ignored him. I now have a pretty scar on my shoulder because of this.

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